What Happens During Boiler Services?

A boiler service is essential to keep your heating system running well. It can also help you save money by ensuring your boiler is as efficient as possible.

During your boiler service, the engineer will carry out several checks. Call Hubbard Mechanical to find out more about what they check and why it’s important.

boiler servicesGas Safety Check

Boilers are very reliable pieces of equipment, but they can still break down and need repairs from time to time. It’s important to have boiler services regularly to keep them in good working condition and help them last longer. During a boiler service, a technician will inspect the entire boiler to make sure that it is working properly. They will also clean the inside of the boiler and test the pressure to ensure that it is at the correct level.

During a gas safety check, a qualified gas-safe engineer will examine all of the gas appliances in your home or business. This includes the boiler, flue, and all of the related pipework. The engineer will also inspect the vents and extractor fans that help to vent out moisture-rich air in rooms where gas-powered appliances are used. If the vents or fans are blocked, it could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which is often referred to as the silent killer.

The engineer will start by checking that the pilot light is on and that it is glowing blue. They will also examine the combustion chamber and look for any signs of corrosion. Next, they will remove the boiler casing to check a few things inside such as the heat exchanger, main injector, and burner. The engineer will also check the electrical wiring and safety valves that cut off the gas supply to the boiler if there is a problem.

If the engineer notices any problems, they will be able to identify and fix them before it becomes a serious issue. They will also ensure that the gas flue is clear and that it is not leaking. They will also check that the fuse rating is correct for the boiler and that it is not overheating.

It is a legal requirement for landlords to have their gas safety checks carried out by engineers. It is also a very good idea for homeowners to get their boilers and all of their gas appliances checked regularly, even if they are not landlords. Regular maintenance can prevent serious problems from developing and may save lives in the event of an accident or an explosion caused by a faulty appliance or blocked vents.

Efficiency Check

Boiler service professionals look at the boiler’s waterside and fireside surfaces to ensure that they are free of scale, rust, and corrosion. This is important because when these materials build up on the surfaces they absorb heat and make the boiler less efficient. They also inspect the refractory to see that it is in good condition and not showing signs of wear.

The efficiency of the boiler can be impacted by its size as well. If it is too large for the home then it will use excess energy and increase electricity bills. This is why it is so important to have the boiler correctly sized for your property. A qualified engineer can help you determine if your current boiler is the right size for your property or if it needs to be replaced.

A professional will also check the air-to-fuel ratio and ensure that it is at the optimum level. When too much air is used during combustion it will use excessive fuel while producing a lot of soot and carbon monoxide. The ratio can be optimized by analyzing the flue gas or using a computer-based distributed control system (DCS).

Physical gauges on the boiler should be compared to those on the controller and any discrepancies should be investigated. The quality of the feed and blowdown water should be monitored to ensure that it complies with the manufacturer’s specifications. Blowdown temperature and acidity should be recorded to establish trends and a record of the boiler’s health.

The water treatment system should be inspected to verify that it is working properly and that there are no contaminants in the feedwater that could impact boiler performance. In addition, the water should be tested to see if it is balanced and chemically correct.

Finally, a leak detection test should be performed to see if there are any hidden leaks in the boiler. If any are found they will need to be repaired as soon as possible. Leaking boilers can be dangerous as they produce carbon monoxide, which does not have an odor and is known to cause dizziness, headaches, breathlessness, nausea, and weakness in people. This is why it is so important to get your boiler regularly serviced by a trained and registered engineer.

Ventilation Check

During a boiler service, the gas engineer will check that your system is adequately ventilated. This involves checking that there are no combustible materials within proximity to the boiler, as well as inspecting the internal air vents to ensure that they’re sealed correctly. The engineer will also look at any flues or chimneys to make sure they’re properly installed and comply with building regulations.

Ventilation is an important safety check because a faulty central heating boiler could leak dangerous carbon monoxide. This can cause poisoning in people and pets, and can even lead to death if it’s not detected early enough. A yearly boiler service can reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning by making sure that your boiler is working correctly.

The ventilation check is also essential for improving your boiler’s efficiency, as it will help to reduce the amount of energy that it uses. The gas engineer will check the pressure of your gas supply and will inspect the boiler and its components to look for signs of corrosion or other damage. They’ll also test the flue pipe and carry out a flue gas analysis to check that your system is operating at maximum capacity.

If your boiler is not functioning properly, it will lose energy and you’ll be paying more for your heating. A yearly boiler service can save you on your energy bills, and it will help you retain your warranty as well.

If you’re looking for a reliable, professional gas engineer to carry out your boiler service, you can find one near you by using our online tool. It’s quick and easy, and you’ll be matched with an engineer who is qualified to carry out the service you need. You can also read reviews of the different engineers before deciding who to hire. You can also compare prices, and check what’s included in your boiler service package. Typically, you’ll want to choose an engineer who offers annual callouts as part of their service, so that you can get help quickly if something goes wrong.

Flue Pipe Check

During a boiler service, the engineer will also inspect and clean your flue pipe. The flue pipe vents combustible gas to the outside of your home, and it needs to be properly fitted and free of any blockages for safety reasons.

If your flue pipe becomes blocked, carbon monoxide can leak into your home and cause poisoning. This is why it is important to have a regular inspection, especially after periods of cold weather.

A professional can check the flue pipe from the ground or by climbing up on a ladder on the roof. They will look for holes, rust, water streaks, and soot around the furnace to make sure it is not damaged or leaking. They will also remove the flue cap and inspect it for blockages, such as bird’s nests or leaves, and ensure it is securely reattached.

Landlords should note that their responsibilities under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 mean they must ensure their gas appliances, fittings, and flues are safe for tenants to use. This includes having them serviced every year. During a boiler service, engineers will test the pressure of the expansion vessel and carry out a combustion analysis and flue flow tightness tests to make sure that no combustible gases are escaping from your system.

They will also clean the internal components of your boiler and check that it is working properly, including examining the burner and heat exchanger. They will also check for any signs of combustible materials nearby, such as oil, wood, or cardboard, which could be a fire risk.

A good boiler service should last about an hour. Once the engineer is finished, they will give you a copy of their certificate and explain any problems they found. They will also offer advice on keeping your boiler running well, including a schedule of when you should have it serviced in the future.

It is recommended that you get your boiler serviced in the summer when it isn’t being used as much, and to book an appointment with a local company. They can advise you on the best time to have a service and will be able to give you an idea of how much the service will cost.